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Camp Get Right Boxing gym was opened in 2008. Since then, we’ve produced fighters and champions for the Golden Gloves, Rocky Marciano tournaments, and the New England Boxing Championships. We also have fighters ranked in the USA Nationals and pro’s that are WBC silver champions, a UBF regional champion, a UBF international champion, a WBC Youth Champion and many New England champions.

About Kendrick Ball


Kendrick Ball started his boxing career as a young amateur standout in New England. After having his first child at the age of 17, he shifted his focus and began training his son, Kendrick Ball Jr. aka Pepper, as soon as he could put gloves on. Kendrick has been the Camp Get Right Boxing gym owner from the beginning and has trained pros, amateurs, and beginners. Kendrick was also chosen three times to be the head coach of Team New England at the Golden Gloves Nationals. He also was the head coach of Team New England at the USA Nationals twice and won Regional Coach for the USA Regionals. He has had fighters ranked #1 in New England, ranked in the top 15 at the USA nationals, several Golden Glove champions, and other champions including but not limited to the WBC Silver and the WBC Youth. His fighters have fought on DAZN, ESPN, Showtime,  and Showbox.